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November 2009 Tuesday November 11, Smedley D. Butler Brigade,
We joined Veterans For Peace as they marched again in Boston's Veterans' Day parade. Inspiring speakers for peace on City Hall Plaza included among others, John Schuchardt (again, 3 weeks later!), John Niles (as Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler) and Paul K. Chappell (author of Will War Ever End?) As one speaker noted, the protest two years ago has brought freedom of speech closer to Boston. The Leftist Marching Band provided royal entertainment.

October 2009

On October 17 we had our table at Copley Plaza for the greater Boston rally and march.

October 18th at St. Anne's Episcopan Church in Lowell, Mr. Abdulsattar Younus from LaOnf spoke with Iraqi refugees in Lowell. He had come from Iraq to New York City to receive the 2009 International Pfieffer Peace Prize. Over 50 people participated, including twelve Iraqi families.

October 18, Barbara attended the Amesbury Friends Peace Center presentation. MVPP had co-sponsored Zoya, a woman from Afghanistan, who spoke about the status of women in Afghanistan. Zoya showed many photos and felt the US must withdraw from Afghanistan; the US is not helping, and the people of Afghanistan must figure it out themselves.

Several people attended a lecture on October 22nd with Howard Zinn about the expectations and reality of Obama's presidency. (On Sunday, December 13th at 8 PM there will be a premier of The People Speak on the History Channel).

September 2009

September 1, MVPP was well represented at the table at Lawrence's the Bread and Roses Festival.

9/28: Four women were arrested for breaching Vermont Yankee nuclear plant security. Charged with trespassing and ordered to appear December 15 in Windham County District Court are Ellen Graves, 69, of Springfield; Frances Crowe, 90, and Paki Wieland, 66, of Northampton, and (MVPP member) Hattie Nestel, 70, of Athol.

Acting on behalf of the Shut It Down affinity group, the four women wanted to demonstrate that inadequate safety at Vermont Yankee is not limited to radiation leaks and collapsing cooling towers, according to Nestel. See it on youtube

August 2009 August 6, We held a vigil to remember the bombing of Hiroshima.

Several members attended the Tommy Sands concert, a fund-raiser for the Iraqi children that the House of Peace sponsored. It was a standing-room-only crowd and everyone had a great time.

Boryana went to the Peace Abbey for a concert the next evening and she urged us, especially as shareholders in the Peace Abbey, to visit them and stay overnight.

July 2009

At the Lowell Folk Festival, we had our table, so many discussions. Some of the Iraqi refugees stopped by to say hi too.

June 2009

Irqi refugees joined us at our annual meeting.

May 2009

Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out honored fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many from MVPP helped, and it was covered in the Boston Globe (copied in MVPP site):


April 2009

Mary, Bobbie, and others have helped Iraqi refugees settle in to life in Lowell, providing supplies and guidance.

March 2009

We held a vigil to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

February 2009

February 24, Terry Rockefeller from "September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows" described her trip in Norther Iraq. She had videos showing what local peace activists can do in Iraq.

January 2009

Annual potluck. Fifteen Iraqi refugees joined us.

MVPP sent $100 to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, after the crisis in Gaza.

Six MVPP members attended a Fellowship of Reconciliation event in Essex, MA, “Peace People to People.


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