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December 2015

Vigils continued

November 2015

We walked in the Armistice / Veterans Day (cold) in Boston

We wrote about refugees individually and as a group.
-gov. Baker backed down some

At our stone soup supper, John and Carrie Schuchardt, described the heroic mission of the House of Peace.

Unite Here: Haley Kosek added a brief description of the new to Lowell organization at our Stone Soup Supper. Brian later posted their web site:

October 2015

The Quaker vigil at Textron had 50 people. (every 3rd Sunday 11am)

Thurs. Oct 8 the Raytheon 7 am vigil was part of Global Network's campaign to keep space for peace.

Bobbie attended the Maine Walk for Peace

Wed. Oct 28 speakers came from Cuba to Merrimack College

September 2015

Sept 7 Our table was at the Bread and Roses Festival on a very hot day, but we enjoyed the energy of the Bread and Puppet theater.

Sept 12: Andover Days table gave away many paper cranes
The MVPP Fundraising Concert was lightly attended, but a great time.

August 2015

Thurs. Ag 6 our Hiroshima vigil was well attended. There were others in greater Boston too.

Many of us attended the Ag 9 vigil for race relations at North Parish UU church

MVPP members were at two meetings where amazing things happened on the same night. Some were at the Lawrence City Council meeting where the council passed two measures that would help undocumented imigrants (and be good for the rest of us). In Dracut a hearing for the proposed fracked gas pipeline was filled with voters and elected officials opposed to the pipeline.

We were pleased with Congressman Seth Moulton’s stance regarding the pending multi-national agreement with Iran. He was able to speak succinctly to a skeptical audience in Marblehead and is in agreement with President Obama’s hope to have Congress agree to the terms. Moulton is reaching out to many local communities for individuals to voice their concerns about this deal as well as with other more local concerns.

July 2015

The July 20 Rolling Ridge Summer Peace Conference featured Dr. Susannah Heschel, who talked about her father's relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King.

Our table at the Lowell Folk Festival was busy.

June 2015

Winslow Myers of Beyond War spoke at the MVPP Annual Meeting

May 2015

The Veterans for Peace Memorial Day service in Boston kept our issues alive.

April 2015

Some attended Reading's Good Friday vigil against the Death Penalty; and reported a good turnout and that it was well received (Awareness was high as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the marathon bomber, was facing sentencing.).

Masood reported that activities by ISIS and the Taliban are making life difficult in Pakistan. US drones are questionable too.

Boryana reported on the launch of the Arredondo Family Foundation, to support victims of the marathon bombing.

Newburyport had a good turnout for global warming awareness.

March 2015

Walk for a New Spring did not come through Lawrence this year but John, Barbara and Niki supported them from Amesbury to Ipswich.

The Veterans for Peace St. Patrick's Day Peace Parade was cancelled by red tape, but the parade did allow the gay contingent.

February 2015

Snow postponed meetings and activities for a few weeks.

Some attended Mass Peace Action's Annual meeting and workshops concerning Ferguson, the environment, and Syria.

January 2015

1/9 At our annual potluck, we remembered founding member and long time president, Ed Meagher.


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