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December 2014

vigils continued


November 2014

11/18 Stone Soup Supper. Brayton Shanley described the Agape Community in Western Mass and living at peace with Earth. Lively discussion followed.

October 2014

10/3: Two of us attended the North Shore groups event: Waging Peace: David Hartsough spoke about creative and courageous ways he has worked.

10/9: Thur. Keep Space for Peace Vigil, at Raytheon.

September 2014

9/1: Again, our table at Lawrence's Bread and Roses Festival was next to the Bread and Puppet stage.


9/16: MVPP member, Arthur Brien's speech for the Merrimack Valley Project helped them get an ordnance passed in Lawrence City Council that there can be no eviction from foreclosed property until there is actually a buyer for the property.

9/20: Some of us saw Helen Caldicott and others speak at Newton, MA City Hall about continuing dangers of nuclear war and energy.

9/21: The MVPP regular vigil expanded to solidarity with Pace e Bene this day, in Shawsheen Square, Andover

August 2014
8/6: We held a vigil in Andover for Hiroshima and joined one in Reading for Nagasaki. Due to construction, Andover's moved to the library.
July 2014

7/26: Our table at the Lowell Folk Festival was well attended.


June 2014

6/20: We celebrated the 30th Anniversary of MVPP at our annual meeting.


May 2014

Members of MVPP attended the "Building a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence Conference, in Manchester, NH. The main speaker, John Dear, urges anyone who says "I'm for peace" to realize that if that is what they claim and they are not working with others for peace, they are actually cooperating with the evils that are being perpetrated." A drama about Rachel Corrie, and several workshops were valuable.


April 2014

4/18: The Good Friday vigil in Reading, against the death penalty, had special meaning in this season when the marathon bomber, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, was facing capital punishment.


March 2014

Again, we marched behind the main St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston, with gays and labor.


February 2014

Boryana set up our tabel when Mass Peace Action held a conference including speakers Kathy Kelly, Barney Frank and Andrew Basevich.

The 'peace monks' from Leverett visited Lawrence on their walk to DC.


January 2014

1/10: Our January potluck had small attendance but we ate well and enjoyed singing anti-war and pro-labor songs.

Arthur's sign still makes a point at our Sunday vigil.


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Merrimack Valley People for Peace meets monthly, on the fourth Tuesday,
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